Winter 2016 in de Spoorzone

De Spoorzone is a big area behind the main train station of Tilburg. It used to be a huge industrial place mainly for the railroad itself, they had shops for locomotives and train-related machinery, and a big roundhouse with a turntable for steam trains. While the train station itself is still in use and perfectly connected to the rest of the country, all those industrial spaces are not in use any more and were closed maybe 20 years ago.

Apparently only very recently, in the early 2010’s, a big initiative started to bring this space back to life. And so far, it’s done very cleverly! Some of old railroad premises are now used as bars or restaurants, as party locations, they give home to festivals and big happenings, and also a great skate park was installed in one of them.

The location is perfect – directly behind the train station, it’s actually also very close to the Tilburg city centre.

Here’s a gallery of pictures. Click through all of them to see them in (much) bigger…:

(Please note that as a photographer I own the copyright to all the pics on this blog, and thus I kindly ask you to respect that.)

I did not take that many shots here so far, but one day in December 2016, between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I brought the camera when I walked there, and took all the pics shown above. In contrast to all the events that normally take place here nowadays, that one day the Spoorzone was covered in dense fog, and totally calm and quiet. So I found that this space very much showed some of it’s former “industrial” atmosphere. In a few years, it will be looking maybe much more bright and polished.

If you are ever in Tilburg, go have a few nice beers or a bite in the RAW, and a very good meal at de Houtloods. Highly recommended! And of course, de Spoorzone also has its own website:

But, as many of the official Tilburg websites, it seems to be in Dutch only so far. I guess Tilburg is not yet really dedicated to seek many foreign visitors 🙂 And why is that number 013 included in the URLs? It’s the phone area code of Tilburg, and also used like a trademark for many names of Tilburg locations or events!


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