Concrete and glass in the city

These shots I took in late December 2016. Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve there’s not much to do anyway, and any long walk is exactly what’s needed to counteract all those nice tasty meals and drinks!

Interpolis is a huge Dutch insurance corporation and it’s headquarters are located in a distinctive skyscraper at the center of Tilburg, very close to the train station. They have a very special office concept – instead of allocating every staff member to a standard office room, everyone’s free to work whereever in the building they want, and there are some pretty mind-blowing … well “office areas” in there that rather look like taken from a theme park. One of those spaces is the “Carrousel”, it’s designed to make you feel you are visiting a funfair, complete with it’s own burger bar, rather than spending boring time in an office. It’s not only accessible for Interpolis employees, but also for anyone who needs an office space for a day or so – check it out at Seats2meet. A cool offer for entrepreneurs or anyone visiting Tilburg for a business trip!

As usual, click on any of the pics below if you want a bigger view:

(Please note that as a photographer I own the copyright to all the pics on this blog, and thus I kindly ask you to respect that.)

Below are some shots from the Tilburg Piushaven, more about that prospering area in this blog post. In the midst of the water there you’ll also see the Love Boat, a floating light art object by Madje Vollaers and Pascal Zwart. Horray, they have an english website about it! Beneath the Piushaven there are some older housing areas, and for us “buitenlanders” (foreigners) those old Dutch buildings are always nice to see.

During winter, it was all clad in a quiet, soft layer of fog. Very relaxing, but I realise these are maybe no happy-holiday-sunny-postcard-pics 🙂 but remember, I come from Cologne, I love big chaotic cities, and I just automatically tend to look for some “beauty in the rough” when I have the camera with me:

Fast forward a kilometre or so, moving to the West, alongside the train station and the Spoorzone (read this blog entry), you’ll get a view over the city (well sort of …) if you are standing on the bridge of Ringbaan West over the railroad. From there, I just continued to walk somewhere in all that fog and encountered some less Dutch, but more urban, cold, glass&steel&concrete, areas:

That’s it for now, but some more shots from the same days are shown in other blog posts!



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