Tilburg’s new beasts at the Spoorzone

Nice little and apparently also kind-of-social black four-legged beasts started to appear maybe since spring 2017 and they are, so far, only living at the Spoorzone in Tilburg. On some of my photos below you can see them … next to all the other variety of different graffiti creatures that lives there!

According to Stadsgezicht Tilburg (where you can also see some more of these little beasts), so far no one really knows who the artist is 🙂 The latest addition as of today (mid June 2017) is the big one that seems to hop off the black trash bin, housing a second animal in its stomach as well!


I took the two pics of the “beestjes” (beasts) on the bright yellow backdrop in May 2017. Right next to it there is an old train waggon that has been made into a cafĂ© now, the Stoom 013 (“steam 013”). Was there today again but sadly those beasts there already are being covered by a lot of new smears on top of them. Hmm.



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